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What are the benefits of fiberglass batts insulation?

Needless to say, most importantly, fiberglass batts insulation is safe. It has been developing for 50 years and is thoroughly tested and withstood government tests which means it's made of 97% air and the glass fibers are so tiny they will not stick in your lungs or irritate your skin if you touch them.People often think fiberglass batts insulation is a dangerous material but it's not.

Safety of fiberglass batts insulation

In other words, you can install this type of insulation safely without worrying about chemicals or other health hazards. In fact, the only hazard exists when you don't wear protective gear while installing this type of insulation which should be standard regardless of what kind of insulation you install. Fiberglass batts insulation is not a dangerous material but it's good to be careful and protect yourself from harm, especially considering that fiberglass is often compared with asbestos.

Although the fibers used in fiberglass insulation are quite different from those of asbestos, that doesn't mean they're less dangerous. In fact, if you work with fiberglass batts insulation for a living, you should be protected accordingly. Asbestos was banned in the 1970s and you won't find asbestos in fiberglass batts insulation because it's manufactured with fibers made of glass which are not dangerous unless they're processed into fine particles or dust.

As mentioned above, people often think that this type of insulation is a dangerous material but the truth is different. In fact, according to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, as long as you wear protective gear as instructed by the manufacturer, fiberglass batts insulation poses no foreseeable health hazards.

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How does Fiberglass batts insulation work?

Thanks for asking! So basically, the batts are made by blowing or pressing chopped fiberglass fibers into mats. These mats are then cut to the desired thickness for insulation purposes. One of the most versatile advantages of fiberglass batts is that they can be used with almost any thickness, depending on your needs and budget.

For general residential applications, our standard depth is usually 2 inches thick, but it's also available in 1 inch or 3 inch depth options. Choosing a more intimate depth--specifically 1 inch--boosts thermal efficiency even further by concentrating every ounce of insulative value where you need it most - against external moisture infiltration through seams or gaps around recessed lights or plumbing fixtures that penetrate into ceilings below.

However, in some cases even 1 inch is too thick to accommodate certain installation applications. That's where our 3-inch insulation batts come in. These are ideal for sunken tubs and stacked washer/dryer sets where extra depth is needed between the appliances and backwall framing, but can't be accommodated by standard insulation products.

Our other highly versatile insulation products, like the XPS Extruded Polystyrene board , can't match this level of customizability, so they must be cut to size, which means you'll have to sacrifice some extra material for waste. Another reason why fiberglass is popular in colder climates including Wisconsin.

Fiberglass insulation is great for enclosing hard-to-seal areas.

Our popular insulation batts are also a versatile tool for air sealing. They're a snap to work with during installation, and they'll keep you comfortable year round by stopping drafts that can rob your home of energy efficiency and warm, desirable air. Fiberglass insulation is particularly well -suited for stopping airflow leaks around bookcases, entertainment units, utility pipes, recessed lights and switch boxes.

They are also easy for DIYers to handle, cut down to size with a sharp knife or scissors, and adhere easily to the interior walls of residential buildings. So there you have it! The versatility of fiberglass insulation batts!

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